Insurance Broker in Hong Kong

Insurance Brokers protect your home, your car or your health, understanding these types of insurance is important. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to safeguard their financial future with insurance. Whether it is to protect your home, your car or your health, understanding these types of insurance is important. It is easy to think that if you are careful and do not take any risks there is no need to spend money on insurance premiums. However, accidents happen all the time, and you never know what fate has in store for you.

Insurance broker in Hong Kong

What are insurance brokers?

Insurance brokers or insurance intermediaries serve as a valuable resource for people looking to buy insurance because they can help you find the best deals. Insurance brokers are a type of insurance agent who represents multiple insurance companies, rather than working for just one. Brokers are often independent agents who work with several different companies to offer clients a variety of options for their coverage needs.

Uncle Kelvin is one such licensed professional insurance broker who is authorized by insurance companies to sell insurance on their behalf. We facilitate buying insurance easier for consumers.

What are insurance broker services?

Insurance brokers advise clients on the best type and amount of coverage needed while providing information about additional optional coverage offered by insurers. They can also help clients file claims or answer questions about their current policies. An insurance broker’s main job is to understand your needs and find you the best policy that fits those needs without breaking your budget.

As an insurance broker in Hong Kong, Uncle Kelvin can help you choose from among different companies and policies to find the best option for you. Let Uncle Kelvin analyze your risks and prepare a customized insurance protection plan and risk management program for you. Get in touch with us to have your needs assessed and to create a comprehensive plan for ensuring your future.

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