Investment Insurance

Many people search for the best way to reach financial goals such as setting up a business or saving up for a child’s education. Reaching these goals can be a real challenge, especially if you rely only on a salary. This is where investment insurance works to ease the weight on your finances.

investment insurance for business

What is Investment Insurance?

Investment insurance is a type of plan allowing one to be covered by a life insurance policy as well as invest in a fund of your choice. It encourages people to save money and make investments by offering them protection against the loss of their money.

Investment-linked plans can help you reach your long-term financial goals and protect your family’s future. The goal of this type of investment plan is to help people get started with investing, without having to worry about losing money if the market turns against them.

investment insurance for education

How does Investment Insurance work?

Your investment insurance plan comes with an investment component. This means that your money will be invested by the insurer, based on your risk appetite and other factors. Taking this into account, the insurer will place your money into different assets classes including equity, debt, and gold.

Investment insurance can help protect your investment goals from market volatility and life’s unexpected events by allowing you to protect your investment principal and your investment earnings.

Uncle Kelvin offers the following plans:

With assistance from Uncle Kelvin, you can make informed and insightful investment decisions on which plan suits your needs. If you are considering buying investment insurance, it is important to understand how these products work and what charges apply. Talk to Uncle Kelvin about what type of investment-linked insurance would work for your goals and needs.