Accident Insurance

Uncle Kelvin offers accident insurance, the perfect coverage in cases of any unforeseen injury or death. With the protection of accident insurance, there is no need to fret about your financial situation in times of similar emergencies.

Circumstances can suddenly change your life in the blink of an eye. No matter what we do, accidents happen. While we can try to avoid the surety of some, we can also decide to make the smart choice in protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

protection of accident insurance

Accident insurance is similar but not exactly the same as Critical Illness Insurance. Find out more about that here!

What does our accident insurance policy cover?

Your accident insurance policy will mention the circumstances under which you or your beneficiaries will receive financial compensation. Therefore, according to the accidents included in your accident insurance cover, you or your family members can make a claim.

The accident insurance policy covers a variety of medical costs such as hospital stays, emergency treatments, and medical exams.

Benefits of our accident insurance policy:

  • Offer well-rounded accident protection
  • Cover medical expenses
  • Simple application process
  • Additional services offered
  • Premium waiver for additional security
accident insurance policy covers a variety of medical costs

Uncle Kelvin offers protection in addition to the basic plan in the event of an untimely death.

Benefits of the accidental death policy:

  • Extra coverage offered against accidental death
  • Annually renewable up to the age of 65

No matter how high the expenses may be, having the right protection guarantees that you are taken care of. With guidance from Uncle Kelvin who is representing one of Hong Kong’s main insurance providers, get in touch with Uncle Kelvin for the full terms and conditions of each policy.