Critical Illness Insurance

An illness can strike when you least expect it, leaving you emotionally and financially exhausted. With healthcare treatment method costs on the rise, getting the assistance you can need be challenging. Therefore, it is important to have critical illness insurance as a backup plan before such a moment arises.

Having critical illness insurance ensures that you and your loved ones stand a chance against major illnesses and diseases. Individuals afflicted by critical illnesses usually face difficulties in making payments for the necessary treatment. Choosing the critical illness policy that meets your needs is the first step forward.

Choosing the critical illness policy that meets

Critical Illness Insurance is similar but not exactly the same as Accident insurance. Find out more about that here!

How can Uncle Kelvin help you?

With Uncle Kelvin’s critical insurance plans, you can pay for the right treatment and secure your chance for survival. Get the peace of mind you deserve with an insurance plan that suits your needs.

Uncle Kelvin offers a range of critical illness insurance plans to safeguard the health and well-being of you and your loved ones.

following critical illness cover supplements

We offer the following critical illness cover supplements for your protection:

  • CareGuard Critical Illness Benefit
  • ManuBright Care 2 Plus
  • ManuBright Care 2
  • ManuVital Care
  • ManuLove Care
  • Cash Assistance Benefit
  • Child Care Benefit
  • Cancer Guard Protection Benefit

These plans include coverage for complex surgeries, heart attack, stroke, cancer, injury, and more. Each plan is designed to provide the life insured with well-rounded critical illness support through financial support.

When you contact Uncle Kelvin for assistance, we will guide you on the best critical illness insurance plan for your protection. Get in touch with Uncle Kelvin for the full terms and conditions of each policy.